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We represent a wide cross-section of the industry, manufacturing 3 kW to 8,100 kW (4 to 11,000 horsepower) power output engines. These engines are used to power farm equipment, generating sets, construction, earthmoving and mining machinery, locomotives, ships and such applications.
We are the voice of the ICE Industry in all matters related to product regulation in India, and in countries targeted for exports by its members. As on Apr. 01, 2011, 45 companies who are manufacturing ICEs or components for ICEs, or importing and / or selling in India are our members.

IDEMA Membership: All members are entitled to participate in the debate to shape the strategic response to issues affecting the industry including legislation and use of ICEs. Our meetings provide networking opportunities, forums to voice opinions, and benefit from the industry positions achieved by consensus positions. The debates in our meetings affect members' business opportunities today and in the future.

Ordinary Members and Associate Members:
Ordinary Members are companies having major manufacturing and research facilities in India for ICEs.
Associate Members are manufacturers of ICE components, resellers or importers of ICEs.

Our members welcome membership of qualifying companies and each membership application is evaluated and decided upon by our Executive Council. If you would like to know more about IDEMA, please feel free to get in touch with us.