IDEMA Management Structure
Management Structure
IDEMA is managed by an Executive Committee which includes representatives of Founder Members, Promoter Members, and representatives elected by member companies and nominated representatives. The Executive Committee office bearers are highly experienced in all aspects of ICE industry such as in technology, manufacturing, and commercial aspects.
The Executive Committee elects its Chairman, three Vice Chairmen and Secretary and Treasurer. All positions are honorary except the Secretary.
We form working committees that attend to specific matters. Presently, three such committees exist - Technical Committee,Small Engine Committee and Finance Committee.
Executive Committee
Mr. Vijay Varma
Mr. S Janardhan
Dr. Prashanth Ravi
Chairman, Technical Committee
Mr. Krishnan Sadagopan Mr. Shailesh Zinge Dr. Ravi Mohan Damodaran
Mr. Sanjay Jain Ramesh Muthuraman Jay Gangal
Kesavan T R Dr Ashok Kumar Vaikuntam
Technical Committee
Dr. Prashanth Ravi
Mr. Anuradda Ganesh Mr. Jayant A Pithwa
Mr. K.V.V. Arjuna Rao Mr. Pankaj Chaudhari Mr. PJM Khan
Mr. R. Krishnamootrthy Mr. Rahul Katariya Mr. Ravi Prashanth
Mr. Remesan C B Mr. S Janardhanan Mr. Sundaram Manoharan
Mr. Sunil Dharmadhikari Mr. Yogesh Aghav